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Attendance and Student Data Reporting

 Districts report attendance to the San Bernardino County ROP through electronic imports or manual attendance. Imported attendance is automatically linked to the district's student data and attendance system so classroom attendance is automatically transferred to AIM. However, ROP teachers still need to enter Lab, Community Classroom and Clinical hours manually on a daily basis, along with student grades and competencies. Some ROP teachers will manually enter attendance daily in AIM if teaching a course not in the district data system or for adult students or students coming from a charter or private school not utilizing the district system.


If you are not sure if your class is imported or manual attendance, or you need assistance or additional information, please contact your ROP district coordinator or the AIM help desk:  aim_helpdesk@sbcss.k12.ca.us

The documents below will help guide you through the attendance process. 

To view video tutorials, click "AIM Training Videos" in the right hand box.