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Career Guidance Resources

The San Bernardino County CTE/ROP Training and Support Services Unit has provided you with a list of career guidance resources.  This information will help guide you as you explore various types of information about college and universities, financial aid, scholarships, and information about occupations and career planning.


You are only limited by your own research, creativity and motivation as you step into the world of seeking career information.



Information about Colleges and Universities: - Information about colleges and universities: accreditation, academic programs, course description, etc. - Information about course credits transfer from a California community college to a UC or CSU campus - Information about educational and career planning in California  (Note: use Chrome Browser) - Information about the CSU campuses: application, academic programs, course descriptions, etc. - Information about the UC campuses: application, academic programs, course descriptions, etc. - Information about independent (private) colleges and universities in California - Information about public and private institutions in the U.S. - Information about educational options for veterans residing or stationing in California - Information about study abroad scholarships to member college participants - Information about graduate schools in the U.S. - Affordable Schools Online



Information about Financial Aid and Scholarships: - Information about federal financial assistance: grants, loans and work-study programs - Information about grants from California government for qualified college students - Information about financial assistance beyond Cal Grants - Information about scholarships available to qualified SBVC students - Information about a teacher financial incentive program designed to encourage students to become California teachers in needed area - Comprehensive information about financial aid - Scholarship Opportunities



Information about Occupations and Career Planning: - Job descriptions, outlook and job training - Information on occupations  - Online jobs in California and a resume bank - Career tests and free career planning information  - Career tests, educational opportunities, and professional associations  - Information on the working world  - Job descriptions and job training - Labor market in the state or a county - Occupational Information - Trends and issues related to the employment of the college educated An estimate on the potential wages to be earned two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree in certain disciplines - Who do you want to be? - Roadtrip Nation - Career exploration - Career exploration and assessment - Career Guidance and Exploration